Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Splish Splash...

Let's just start by saying that my kids LOVE taking baths. Doodle begs for bath time and MC is just the happiest and giggliest baby when he's laying in the tub.

This time definitely tends to be family time... All four of us end up in the tiny bathroom and end up considerably wet after Doodle imitates Ariel or gets a little crazy with the tub toys (we have amassed quite the collection of Disney bath toys... Princesses, Mickey and Friends, Pixar Pals, Nemo, etc,).

Doodle could stay in there for hours (perhaps she spends too much time in the hot tub at Gma's?!) and usually fights us on getting out. Last week she gave quite the swimming (blowing bubbles and then floating on her back) and diving (jumping backwards and falling down) performance but seeing that she was 100% in the buff, those videos won't make their way to the general public!

MC loves to chill in his little seat and get splashed by Doodle... He, too, would hang out all day if given the choice, but I have a feeling he'd chicken out as soon as the water chills!

These moments are definitely among the ones I'll miss when they're older...

Do you love a good bath?!
(I like to think I do, but never calm down enough to really enjoy it!)

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