Friday, October 25, 2013

How can you resist this smile?!

Even when covered in chocolate doughnut crumbs (Thanks, Grandma!), this kid is too freaking lovable!

At Fall Fest last week...
At 11 months old, Master Chief is...

Walking all over the place!
Eating EVERYTHING in sight (including mulch, hay, & dirt)!
Sleeping through the night... Finally! (There are still a few nights w wake ups!)
Smiling and laughing at everyone!
Catching on to "so big"!
Trying to make sounds to talk...
In 9 month clothes!
Dancing to music (usually Doodle is the one making the music!)!
Playing in Doodle's room every chance he gets... it's his favorite place!
LOVES to bathe... if you turn on the shower he gets in before you can!
Feeding the dogs from the table!
Starting to throw things... wants to be like Cliffy!
Making growling faces, thanks to Aunt Allison!
a lover. Thank goodness... this kid is the sweetest!


abc said...

Oh this little guy is a chameleon - a little bit of Boop, a lot of bit of Richardson.

molly said...

What a perfect shot, love the cheeky smile


RaD said...

This is a great capture! I would frame this pic or put it on a canvas if it were my kiddo!

Lolli said...

Yes, he is totally adorable! What a sweet face (and so much hiding behind that smile!).