Thursday, November 27, 2014


To say that this year has included loss is an understatement. It has been a year of extreme highs and extreme lows... Tonight, though... Tonight I am just thankful. 

I'm thankful for a Grandmother who was present for my first 33 years of life. There's not a life event that she was not a part of. 

I'm thankful for my Uncle Don who was my strict and scary uncle growing up... Although once I got old enough to know him, I discovered how funny and loving he was. Losing him so suddenly truly broke my heart.

I'm thankful for Granddaddy, who showed us all how to love. I'm thankful for our lunches together and for him being my partner on the slot machines on our cruise. I'm thankful that, although everything happened so quickly, I was able to hug him that one more time.

I'm thankful for Jane, whom I only knew for ten years but feel like I made up for the missing 22 years within that time. I'm grateful that I got to spend her 96th birthday with her and that I get to see her spunk and zest for life live on through my daughter. What a life she had.

I'm thankful for my Uncle Harold, who brought laughter with him wherever he went. I always loved watching my Grandmom and her siblings together... it didn't matter how long it had been, the connection was there and they reverted back to teenagers whenever they were together. I hope my grandchildren feel that way when they see me with my brother and sister.

I'm thankful for countless memories that I can't even begin to type... I'm thankful for my family and friends who make life such an adventure. I'm thankful for my Grampa for bringing us together around his table tonight at Thanksgiving dinner. I'm grateful that his wonderful food brings out the best of our family and that we can celebrate together every year. I'm thankful for Doodle's Native American performance after dinner and Tank's snuggles before bedtime. I'm thankful for my Hubby for everything that he is and does. 

Finally, I'm thankful that we have this day... what better holiday than the one that barely gets it's own decorations and focuses purely on being thankful for what we have. What a gift that is.

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