Friday, September 21, 2007

The Most Fabulous Husband EVER!

Okay, so the most fabulous husband in the world just has to be mine! :) This year I struck gold during a random Target run and found a Nintendo Wii for his birthday! Of course, this turns into the most selfish bday present ever as I quickly ran back to Target to get the pink silicone cover for my controller and a game for myself (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)! Joe will definitely beat his game far before I will, but he's been so patient with me as I learn how to play video games. I hope our neighbors don't look into our house b/c I'm usually seen waving my arms about casting spells with the Wii remote! Wingardium Leviosa is a definite fave as I can make things fly around and hit people with them! I'm also enjoying Reparo b/c I get crazy points for fixing stuff around the Hogwarts Castle!! I have 11/28 DA members already... so only 17 to go! The only downside is that Sirius isn't in this one as much b/c he's stuck at the Order HQs.
Anyway... so now that we've moved, my commute has doubled! I'm usually passed out on the train, but its been killing me to leave at the crack of dawn and get back after 6. Between this, and our trip to Vinalhaven next week, I've been antsy to find something to do that will keep me awake! This is where SuperHusband flies in and saves me...

Yep kids, it's my very own PINK DS Lite!! He got me a puzzle game (Brain Age) and Super Mario Brothers!! I'm so excited... the Metro ride in this morning was an absolute blast!! Thank you, Joe, for embracing the geek in me and letting me join your video game world!

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