Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's been a while...

The last couple of months have been sheer chaos... between Andrew's farewell and moving... we haven't had much time to breahe! The new house is still in boxes and my clothes (of course) are still flung all over the extra bedroom! And then we got Sirius, my puppy! Last week we went up to Vinalhaven, Maine with the Richardsons to bury Uncle Jeff's ashes on the island. In truth, it sounds a million times more morbid than it was... it was really a rather upbeat and uplifting weekend! Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks...

Andrew's Farewell - July 28 2007

California for ABC's Birthday (See earlier post for pics)

Joe's Birthday

Granddad's Birthday

Home Improvement Projects...

Finley's Visit to DC (while Mom & Dad were cruising!)

and SIRIUS!!
We picked him up on 9/22/07 from Top Knotch Pups in NJ. He's a "Bug" (aka Puggle.... Pug/Beagle Mix) and is named after Sirius Black in Harry Potter!!

My two boys!!

Chillin with my new family!

Playing Outside

Giving Mama Kisses!!

And then off to Vinalhaven!!
Sirius' First Flight!

The family that naps together, stays together!

Such a good pup... sleeping in the window while we eat lunch!

My island boys...

Sirius as a lobster...

Playing with my Aunt B!

On the Lobster Boat!

Look at my lobster!!

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