Wednesday, January 09, 2008

C-A-P-S... Caps! Caps! Caps!

This past Wednesday night, we went to the Capitals game with Joe's dad! We had the best seats (Row H, behind the goal!) and I've decided that I love hockey so much more when watching it in person... really, who doesn't!? I say this because every March, when Spring is springing up, we're hunkered down watching NHL Playoffs... it doesn't matter what team is playing, Joe is glued to the couch watching OLN or whatever channel the playoffs are on... every game... So, when I have a chance to watch Ovechkin in person, I'm jumping with joy! Joe even got me an Ovie jersey to sport at the games!! Sooo glad that the Caps beat the Avalanche... and now I'm totally addicted (and ready to sink any savings we have into Caps tickets)!

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