Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cesar Said So...

If you haven't met Sirius, I'd recommend that you trust us when we tell you that he's a hyper pup! Within the past four months, we've been busy chasing him around and getting used to having another living thing in our house (yes, the plants and fish died, so we're really trying to do well here!)!

We should have read a few books on puppy training before we picked him up, but I consider ourselves mildly successful considering our expertise level. We've also learned a lot from our new favorite show- The Dog Whisperer. Cesar is nothing short of genius and we diligently watch him in all efforts to make sure he doesn't need to come here for a house call someday.

Last night we were watching a little marathon of dog whispering (yes, Friday... talk about fuddy duds!) and Cesar visited a house with a hyperactive beagle! This dog compulsively sniffed around the yard, ran at everything in full tilt, and was great 90% of the time... he was just so energetic! Let me tell you, Sirius is definitely more beagle than we thought!

Cesar informed us that beagles have a higher energy level than most dogs and that all he needed was to be tired out! After all, a tired dog is a happy dog! ;) Since the family already took the pup on daily walks that didn't really drain his energy, Cesar suggested that they "add a little weight" to him! He put a little doggy backpack on him and filled it with weights!!

At first, we definitely thought he was nutty, but after seeing the difference in the dog, we looked at each other and knew PetSmart would be sucking more money out of us again!

Today we took Sirius to the store (where "calm and submissive" just doesn't exist!) and fitted him for backpacks... it was so "first day of school," I was so excited!! We got it all home, added some free weights to the pack (5 lbs total... don't worry), and took Sirius for a walk!

Before you go thinking that we're inhumane, we watched him closely and were ready to take it off if need me.... which totally didn't happen because it worked!! Sirius walked the whole way next to Joe (as opposed to pulling him along) and was happy as a clam! He's been so chill for the rest of the day and is loving life!... and who knows, he may shed some of his "puppy weight!" ;)

Here he is after his walk....

...what a happy dog!

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