Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bye Bye DC

Okay, so I've been holding on to the last shred of Newlywedness for the last two years... my DC drivers license! As soon as we got back from our honeymoon... all sparkly and tan... I ran to the DMV to get a new photo and officially change my name! Despite the comments about my massive amount of hair, etc, I just love the photo... I love that I had gotten it right after we were married... I love that it meant I lived in the nation's capital, and I've come to love that it says I'm only 120 lbs (it was true then, not so much now!)!!

This whole scenario is extra sad b/c we've not lived in DC since May 2006... and it's now end of February 2008... we own our own little house with a fenced-in backyard and a puppy running around it... and have no reason to still be listed as DC residents... but I've been holding out... not wanting to trade in my newly married and 120lb persona!

Well, I gave it up this morning... at the MD Motor Vehicle Administration... for a sucky photo on a rainy day... but I guess it all just goes with moving on with life... I wouldn't give mine up for anything! :)


Cheryl Leigh said...

Yup, Rory's a retard....who can't spell. You mean Joe doesn't check this blog for accuracy?

Oh, I know, I know; I've heard it all before: You can't be creative and book smart at the same time.

abc said...

dude...identity theft, even if a defunct license, is a bee-otch..you might want to blur some specifics...NOT that 120 lbs of course. ;-)

abc said...

...okay, so you airbrushed the license number...old addresses can be bad news too...(Joe is standing here and is concerned...my Joe, duh)