Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night Sirius and I had a hot date with Nancy... she came over and took him on a big walk before I got home and then we ordered in some Chinese food for dinner! We had a great time catching up (with travel and everything going on I hadn't seen her in forever) and Sirius really loves the attention!
When Brandy and Eric went to New York to buy an engagement ring, before Christmas, Nancy brought up some jewelry to get fixed in the Jewelry district. Among other things, she had taken an old necklace and had a jeweler deconstruct it and reset the diamonds into three pairs of matching earrings... for her, Brandy, and myself! Last night she was wearing hers and gave me mine (see in photo!)... they're so beautiful and I just love them! With all of the Richardson boys around, it's definitely fun to have a special thing for just the three girls! I'm just so excited! :)
Yesterday Brandy picked out her bridesmaids dresses from Ann Taylor in a nice blue silk (williamsburg blue or something to that extent... not bright blue)! She had been thinking yellow, so I'm very excited to have a more versatile color to wear... that, and I can always rock out in blue! :) All of her stuff is definitely coming together!
With everything going on, I barely got to talk to Joe yesterday. We exchanged a bunch of sweet messages, but never really got to talk in depth about anything. He's coming home today, so I'm very excited for our long weekend together! :)

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