Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Yesterday was a little hectic with everything going on... In addition to worrying about Jeffo's mental health after the Patriots loss, we had Aunt Linda's viewing to attend to. In typical Richardson/Flagg fashion, everyone came in with the proper amount of respect and mourning... and in about 30 minutes the Richardson kids (Joe's Aunts and Uncles) each had a corner in the room that they held in engaging conversation... it was definitely the way Aunt Linda would have wanted it... lots of photos around... lots of smiles... lots of good stories... and just lots of energy around her! So, while so sad in letting someone go, I think everyone honored her memory quite well.
Joe and I headed home to face the inevitable pain... I needed to take my RA medication. The doctor had given me a numbing gel to put on before the injection, but alas, it did not make a difference... I think we've found the right balance of me watching TV with my arm propped up on the corner of the sofa so Joe could just come up behind me and jab my arm... Sirius clearly was freaked out at my yelp and heavy breathing... half way through the injection he ran up and started devoring my face with kisses... so there was my silver lining... puppy kisses.
Other than that, all is well... wishing I had a few extra million bucks lying around so I could fly south to see my girlfriends on a whim, but have to wait a few years for that!

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