Monday, February 04, 2008

RIP Remote Control

Every home is different, but in our house, the remote control is the most used appliance in the place! Joe treasures his top-of-the-line remotes b/c they idiotproof the intricate system of the TV/Cable/Sound/XBox/Wii... etc. Naturally, we were lost (and ironically watching LOST) when the remote kicked the bucket on Thursday. We got a new one this weekend (and of course updated to an even higher-tech one), but I felt a little bad replacing it. Yes; for the record, Joe thinks I'm nuts... but the bottom line is that this distracted me from the massive amount of studying I have to do, the stupid Giants winning the Superbowl (although Manning was one of my fantasy QBs- how do you like them apples!?), and the injection that I'm still putting off taking.

Anyway, RIP Remote.

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~Laura & Geoff~ said...

nice crotchage! and PS yes you are crazy for being that emotionally attached!