Saturday, March 22, 2008

Around Town...

We all slept in a little bit on Saturday, but once we got up and moving it was a fun-filled day!

We visited Gmom's house as they were putting up their new fence! It's beautiful (can't believe I didn't have a camera with me) and so were the itty bitty kitties!

Next stop - Aunt Jackie and Uncle Don's house! This is all about the dogs...

Trigger and Dinali (JD and Amy's Dogs)


...and the Sirius Black Attack!

The dogs went a little crazy playing together for a while... all of them had a blast!
Click below for all of the photos!
March 2008
The added bonus was that Chrissy is in town wih the boys... just wanted to add some blog love to my mini-cousins Shawn and Zach!

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