Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where else could you find the McFatridges? The Willow, of course!

Joe and I headed up home for the weekend to celebrate Dad's 50th with the family! We met up with Grandmom, Grampa, Cheryl, Scott, Mom and Dad for dinner at Phil's Tavern in Ambler. I cannot begin to convey how much food we had... it was crazy... and yummy! It was so nice to finally sit down with everyone!

The McFatridge's went home and planted ourselves on the couch- until Ally showed up! Nobody knew she was coming home, so we were just shocked when she walked through the door! Turns out, JD and Amy made it to PA the same day (on their road trip from Alaska to Georgia), Chrissy was in town with the boys... which meant that Jaclyn was the only one missing!

It didn't take long to get us off the couch and we rolled over to (where else?!) The Willow. JD and Jeff were back to their antics as their wives watched on from a distance! It was a truly "McFatridge Night" as they did shots for Daddy's 50th (I believe JD said that the shots were A Redneck Chasing a Mexican Down a Gold Mine... NO idea what was in it!) After calling Jaclyn and harassing her via voicemail (I'm Not Playing Anymore.... Ahhhhhh!) b/c she was smart enough not to pick up. All in all, it was so much fun being back with my family and cousins at The Willow.

The McFatridge Kids (sans Jaclyn)

Joe and Laurel

Daddy, Ally, and JD

Dad with his Kids! :)


JD and Jeff being... JD and Jeff!

Awww... JD and Chrissy

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abc said... like being there...excellent reporting from, shall we schedule a Utah follow up?