Thursday, April 17, 2008


We have one Big Freaking Dog.
Mr. Black is weighing in at just over 35 lbs at 9 months old! I hadn't gotten my camera out in a while, so last night we had a little impromptu photo shoot before heading to bed! :)
First, the stoic pic... he's actually getting ready to bark at the dog he sees in the sliding glass door (which is definitely just his reflection, yet somehow he's shocked to see him there every night)!
Joe catches his attention and is talking to the pup... this is the exact expression he has whenever someone is talking directly to him or sees something on TV.
Once he realizes that we're slowly turning lights off and getting ready for bed, he bolts to the couch to get a toy to play with.
Playing with said toy, he loves to let things roll away from him and then pounce on it. This is him prepping for the pounce.
Once the toy is in his little paws, he chews... and chews... and chews.

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Jeri-Marlene said...

Wow, that is a big dog. Isn't he a puggle? He weighs almost as much as Buddy and he is a Beagle and 9 years old. I thought puggles were in between. I am sure the bigger the better applies in this case. He is too cute.