Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hmm... Let's Have a Baby!

As I was coming up on the big 26th anniversary of my birth, I got to thinking... Mom was done having kids by 24 (yowza!) and Nancy was done by 29... I better get on the ball!

Actually, to be honest, this was sparked by Grant... Joe and I had always talked about kids and that we definitely wanted to have them. Between work, life, and health issues, the time just hasn't been right. Ellie had taken Grant for an impromptu photo shoot in Geoff's army gear and (long story short) these photos were just pure joy! Maybe it was the white background that provided a simple canvas for a great photo or the combination of the cutest kid in his Daddy's army gear, but I looked at these photos and just saw this little one emanating love and happiness! For the first time, I really got "the itch."

Later that night as Joe and I were nuzzling into bed, I brought it up. Joe must have seen the sparkle in my eye (i.e.., the tears building up) and he realized that I wasn't joking or taking it lightly. Knowing that the Grant pics had just been leaked to me, he laid it on the line... "In a month, if you still want a baby, then we'll start makin one."

I stopped taking my methotrexate that night.

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