Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In the bag...

I've been reading various blogs, mostly out of boredom, but I've been seeing a lot of "Whats in Your Bag" posts. They're mostly celebs or fashion bloggers, so the goal is to show off what designer bag they're carrying and what is in it. I can't list the content of my wonderful Kate Spade shopper that I use for work because there's too much crap and it would take me hours to list everything. Aside from the miscellaneous papers and receipts in there (which are not very interesting at all... and yes, I know I should throw it out, but we all know that this is a bad habit of mine), it's just good old boring stuff... Eyeglass case, wristlet, prescription bottles, blackberry, work ID card and Metro card.

The only thing remotely exciting is my makeup... Since I have to get up so early to get on the metro, and its quiet for the 1st hour here at work, I don't bother putting on makeup until I'm at work. The last few months at work have been ick, not because of anything at my office, but because I had been interviewing for another job (and after 3 months of interviews they told me that I don't have enough experience... hello?! That's a 1st round/screener question!)... so I've been ick. There is, of course, a silver lining in that bonus checks roll out in March (YAY!), so that's made life a little easier. While I'm saving as much as I can for the tax bill that's TBD, I had to treat myself to a little something!

Mom had gotten me some killer makeup for Christmas that I've been so excited about... and I know I didn't need to get more new stuff, I've been a little inspired by what the LORAC artist did for me at the mall a few weeks ago. I've kept from getting the stuff that she used (as Mom said, birthday is coming up), but I wanted to get a bag and some brushes for my "work makeup bag." Joe was such a doll when I drug him to Ulta... not that he knew anything about the task at hand, but he was a trooper in holding a slew of brush sets as I decided on which to get. Yes, totally boring story... but given the amount of fun stuff going on at work, this is revolutionary!
Bottom line: I'm totally excited to have my little makeup bag together!

Bag: Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set
Contents: LORAC Croc Palette, Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick (in Beige-a-porter), Rouge Dior Replenishing Lipcolor (in Box Office Beige), Laura Mercier Eye Basics (in Linen), LORAC Lip Polish (in Sizzle), MAC Lip Lustre Lipstick (in Sweet & Single... a Barbie edition), Diorshow Unlimited Mascara (Black), Dior Eyeliner pencil (in Black) and Dior Rouge Liner Automatic Lip Liner (in Dusty Pink)

On the newsfront... not too much going on! We were up at Mountainside on Saturday, so I brough Sirius up to play with Molly (Dorrie's dog) and Shaba (Tim and Nikki's dog... a basset hound-beagle or "Bagel"... so cute!)! The dogs had so much fun running around all afternoon!
I'm just at work this week... wishing I was going to Utah with everyone, but just couldn't work it out. It's all good... Caps game tonight!! :)


laurel said...

ok..you knew I'd comment.. Your Birthdays coming!!!!! No what can I get you??????

Cheryl Leigh said...

Oh, c'mon, Boop and 'fess up! We know what's in your bag...all those red thongs you're hiding from the dog!