Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rory's Got a New Ride!

Yaaaaaaaay Jetta!

Okay, so through all of the siblings heading off on their missions and Joey needing a car before summer camp starts (when he wouldn't be able to drive me to the metro), Nancy and Joe graciously gave Joe the blue Dodge Ram... which must stink for Tommy (sorry!!) b/c its his car... but I'm not feeling too bad b/c soon he will be in freaking Japan having the time of his life!

Now that Joe has the truck, I inherited the Mazda 6.... which is a total junker (4 years=numerous tires, a clutch, a transmission and numerous other repairs!) and I couldn't reach the pedals! So, he humored me by taking me over to the VW dealership to test drive their new crossover (the Tiguan). I didn't love the Tiguan b/c it was so high above the ground and I felt like I was driving a bus... but I did see a Jetta in the showroom that was totally cute! So, we test drove that and ended up driving it home! They took the Mazda off of our hands (thank god!) and gave us such a deal (monthly payments are same as what we'd be paying on the Mazda)... so there wasn't a single reason why we shouldn't get it!

There are tons of fun features, but I'm a big fan of the black leather seats, Sirius Radio (of course, clearly meant to be!!), and sunroof! :)

"Smug Married" moment coming up... let's just end this by saying that I have the most fabulous hubby who totally let me trade in his car to buy me one! :) I know, I'm one freaking lucky girl! :)


Jeri-M said...

It's beautiful Rory, enjoy it in good health.

abc said... so a former satisfied owner of 2 Jetta's in the past...I see AUDI in your future little lady... ;-) but NO RUSH! ENJOY and please drive carefully...!!