Monday, July 07, 2008

Baby, You Better Be Worth It!

So, I've been off of the MTX for almost 12 weeks now... and boy has it made a difference! This shocks me a bit because MTX alone didn't do very much for me, but once we added the Enbrel, I felt a lot better. When I cut the MTX out of the equation and kept the Enbrel, I didn't think it would make much of a difference... I was wrong!

In all fairness, I've also cut out the Ambien, Celexa, and Daypro... so it's been a big change! I am so ungodly achy this morning... it's one of those days that makes me think that I'm not going to make the cut for being preggers and pain-free! :-/

On the flip side, the pain has led me to trying Acupuncture. I've been to Meridian's Holistic Health Center in the Kentlands for three sessions already. The first set of needles was a bit freaky, but by the second set, I felt so relaxed and wonderful! It's really been a great way for me to calm down and relax every week. As for the pain relief... it depends on the day! The first two sessions felt like miracle work had been done, but the third wasn't as effective. Although its quite expensive, I'm going to try to stick with it.

Everything is going well on the home front... there's a lot going on with camp and all of the summertime events, so it's been quite busy. We're not quite to the baby makin' time, but I have a feeling that we may keep those gory details to ourselves! ;)

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