Monday, July 07, 2008

Tis' the (Wedding) Season!

Congrats Hunter & Macaela!
Celebrating the 4th of July on Friday was nice, but Saturday's celebration was so much better! ;)  Joe's cousin Hunter (Collins... Richardson-Side, Ginny's Oldest Son) got married to the lovely Macaela on Saturday in Gettysburg! 
The church was tucked right in the center of Gettysburg, which is a quaint town to begin with.  The church was gorgeous, not that people noticed too much because of the 4 rows of Richardson's yapping away before the ceremony started!  Travis walked down the aisle with Hunter - it was such a brotherly-sweet thing to do!  I should have placed myself better in the pew b/c I was behind Joe and Erin and couldn't get a good camera shot of the gorgeous bride walking down the aisle!  I think those 30 seconds, when the bride is coming down the aisle, are consistently my favorite moments of any wedding... the doors open, the bride walks in, everyone gasps at how beautiful she is, and then we watch the groom's reaction to seeing his bride!  Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic, but every wedding reminds me of my own and how much emotion is packed into that little walk!  Anyway, the ceremony was beautiful (minus a few screaming kids... which, the deacon somehow worked into his homily... major points for creativity!) and we all walked to the reception from there.
The reception was fabulous... the hotel was so nice and there was just such a happy and relaxed atmosphere!  Erin brought baby Austin and Jamie brough baby Kash... we had so much fun ooh-ing and aww-ing over them during cocktail hour!  While I've met most of the 200+ Flagg/Richardson family, somehow Hunter and I have missed each other and we had never met until Saturday... so, I finally got to introduce myself to Hunter and got to sit with all of the Richardsons!  Joe and I always look forward to the toasts and guess whether the Best Man will totally tear up the Groom and bring up some story about them being jackasses (Hello Towa! ;) ) or if they'll just go the route of supremely nice... well, Travis hit the nail right on the head... very sweet and heartfelt with a few good chuckles! ;)
All bets were off once the music came on... The Richardson's can dance and aren't afraid to show you! :)  We had such a blast on the dance floor and off... it was just such a nice day!  I know it sounds cheesy, but I just love being with family and having a great time... and Saturday delivered just that!
Okay, I just read what I wrote and it's totally disjointed, but I'm still exhausted from the weekend, so we'll just leave it here... with a link to the photos! :)

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