Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phillies vs Nationals

Yep, we're going to the Nationals vs Phillies game tonight at Nationals Park! Not that Joe and I are into baseball at all, but the boys are... so we're surprising them! They think that they're coming downtown to meet me for dinner, but they don't know that dinner will be at the baseball game!

Oh, and Joe is so bad... the boys saw a clip of Sports Center tonight and saw that there is a Phillies game tonight. They asked Joe if we could watch it, but he said "Sorry guys, we're going downtown to meet up with Rory. Maybe we can watch it when we get back." ;) :)

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abc said...

I need to know...when does this particular set of BobbleHeads go into production...I would like to order mine NOW! LOVE THIS...and love the Jones Kid Visit coverage in general...CNN couldn't do better! xoxox