Tuesday, September 09, 2008

10 Weeks

Okay, so I downloaded one of the cheesy baby countdown widgets that shows a little baby floating across a field, passing by pregnancy milestones as you go along... I wish I was savvy enough to create my own one with a growing Bowser (the character) dragging Princess Peach across a level of Mario World, BUT alas, I don't have such skills! ;)

Anyway, my little countdown widget tells me that today I am 10 weeks pregnant! Woo Hoo! Okay, its not a big milestone, but I feel like there was a firestorm of blogging last week and this week is looking like it's going to be a quiet one. After a little googling, theBump says that Bowser is supposedly the size of a prune. Okay, I've never actually eaten a prune, so let's find a better analogy... BabyCenter equates his size to a kumquat. Really!? Come on, people. Some more searching and (finally!) WebMD gave me the right analogy... he's the size of a Strawberry! No, not one of the juicy humungo big strawberries that you fight over, but a nice normal strawberry (0.9 inches to 1.2 inches).

Other than that tidbit, not much has changed with me... Joe thinks that the chesticles are getting bigger, but really, he's simply delusional! ;) The nausea has been okay, especially compared to the my crappy arthritic joints, and I was able to inhale a proper meal with Nancy, Joe and Joey at Ruth's Chris on Sunday... thankfully Bowser didn't decide to act up in such a nice restaurant! ;) Weight-wise, all is as it should be... not really changing! I don't object to necessary weight gain, but it's a little early for that, and I do have to fit into a Bridesmaid dress next week! :)

On Non-Baby related issues, which thankfully they still exist, Joe's preparing for St. Andrew's to come up to Mountainside tomorrow through Friday. He had Bullis up there last week and was thankful that the rain held off until Saturday. Our dinner the other night at Ruth's Chris was to celebrate the end of a successful summer at Mountainside (YAY!) and it was such a nice treat!

Last Saturday night I went to Brandy's Bachelorette... everyone met at Clyde's in Georgetown for a nice dinner. Along with B's friends, Nancy, Charlene (Eric's Mom), and Judy (Eric's Stepmother... a very very nice one at that!) came along and joined in the girly fun! Shira, Katie, Heather, and Dorrie were at the same end of the table as me, so it was totally nice to be able to catch up and just spend some time together! After dinner, B went out on the town with her friends and Eric's sisters, and after a quick stop at H&M and an extensive search for the car, we headed home. I can't believe the wedding is right around the corner... we'll be heading up to Rehoboth next Wednesday afternoon for golf on Thursday (the Spa for me!) and the wedding on Friday!

Everyone would be amazed at Sirius Black these days... he's mellowed out quite a bit from his early days of terrorizing the house. We've decided to take down the baby gate to the stairs and see how he handles the freedom of an extra level of the house... so far, he's just super excited that the gate's not there and bolts up and down the stairs at his version of warp speed! I went to bed before Joe the other night and Sirius snuck upstairs and tried to cuddle in bed with me... he curled right up and got comfy, but it wasn't long before Joe realized that he was upstairs and he came up and got him. Sirius looked totally defeated... which happens to be totally adorable at the same time! :)

Anyway, I'm just plugging along at work... we have a big meeting in Beijing in October, not that I actually get to go to it, but I get to fill my days with coordinating logistics and getting everything ready!

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