Friday, September 05, 2008

Telling Everyone... Rory's Story ;)

If you haven't noticed, Joe has joined my little blogosphere... so if the voice of an entry sounds less girly than usual, check the author b/c it's probably "The DC Sports Addict" (a.k.a. Joe).
That said, I get to tell my side of the "telling people" story. I feel like that sounds as if I'm writing little red riding hood from the perspective of the wolf (a la 5th grade writing assignment), but I'm just giving my perspective because, well, I can! ;)
Okay, let's start off by saying that Joe didn't put as much emphasis on the "keeping it our little secret until B's wedding" in his post as in reality. In reality, I was quite literally sworn to secrecy and not even allowed to tell my mother... I tried to bring up the fact that we could probably tell a select few people, but it was instantly shot down... while I'm fine with this, I just need the record to show that he laid down the law on this one and I had no choice but to follow.
When I brought up the fact that Mommy knew that we were trying, I was finally permitted one caveat to the whole state-secret-level-security-plan... if she specifically asked "Are you pregnant/is there a baby?" I was allowed to say, "I can't say anything until after Brandy's wedding." When I brought up the possibility of the question being phrased differently to me, I kinda got shot down and was told that I can't bait her into asking, so I just let it be and agreed to the rule.
So, when Mom finally mustered up enough curiosity and asked, "So, is there a baby?" I aptly smirked and replied, "I can't anything until after Brandy's wedding." ;) :) We, of course, spoke in code for the rest of the conversation... "So, if you tell me something at Brandy's wedding, how far along would or wouldn't that be?"... to which I replied, "You know I can't answer that, but if you were to ask me on October 1st, it would be 3 months."
We left it at that, but we got into a load of trouble once we hit the Leesburg Outlets a few weeks ago and there was beaucoup baby stuff everywhere! She, of course, wanted to buy outfits and stuff at every store, but I didn't want to compromise the secret, so I wouldn't let her buy anything... I should have, but I didn't want to risk getting in trouble. And really, we're going to be finding Bowser's gender as soon as possible, so I really don't want anything until that's discovered!
As for other people, a few people asked and hinted, and I denied it up and down... not too vehemently because I truly and honestly didn't want word to get out. I knew Joe was getting antsy to tell people, but waiting to tell everyone was so important to him, so I stuck to my guns.
So, when Joe gave me the look during Nancy's story about Joey's birth, I could tell that he seriously thought the time was right and wanted to tell everyone... and was simultaneously bummed like crazy b/c we had just been with my family all weekend and didn't say anything :-/... but I could see it in his face, so I gave him the go ahead nod.
I gotta admit, it was a little overwhelming... in a good way, of course. Because we had been planning to wait on telling everyone for a while, I wasn't prepared for all of the questions and all of the good spirited activity, so I was just overwhelmed. Nancy had an inkling... although I truly haven't been drinking iced tea after noon for months (to help kick the Ambien habit), it's all good.
I was very anxious to get in the car and call home... so I called and Mom answered, I quickly explained the scenario and she handed me to Ally... who was very excited! I was a little curious as to why she didn't hand me Daddy first, but once he was on speaker, I understood... "So know am I allowed to know what I didn't know before?" Yes, Daddy. Way to keep a secret Mommy! ;) j/k... clearly Mom and I think alike in reasoning that speaking in code didn't equate to actually telling. :)
I think Scott was the most floored... and clearly excited b/c he was 1st to change his facebook status! Gmom cheered, Leslie yelped and cried, and ABC was just as surprised and overwhelmed as I expected! ;)
When I was on the phone with Leslie we were talking and Will came into the room... he asked her what was up and she told him that I was having a baby. His reaction was... "Cool! Can we go see it during Spring Break?!" Hee hee hee... it still makes me giggle!
I spent the next day quickly trying to catch people before they read it on facebook and everyone was excited! It's just now filtering through everywhere and I think the news is officially out.
Now, there's just a crapload of waiting to do... which is another reason why I didn't want to tell people until October (because now it will feel like I'll be pregnant for an eternity)... but it's all good. We'll have a ton of doctors appointments and crazy stories to fill up the next seven months!

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