Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kim and Josh are Married!!

It's been at least 8 years in the making (if you're going by when they
officially started dating, 10 years since they met) and Kim and Josh
are finally husband and wife!

The best way to describe it all was "surreal." There are very few
friends that you have lengthy solid relationships with, and when one
of those friends has been yours since Kindergarten, you tend to be a
little more emotional and euphoric when you get to celebrate such a
big day with them! Honestly, I felt like I was at a family member's
wedding... I've been so close with the Enochs for nearly 20 years now
and have gotten to know their family as my own. Every conversation,
and every Enoch-sister-girlie-fight, is a trip down memory lane... and
although the rehearsal dinner was as casual as can be (at Chickie's &
Pete's), we still found ourselves in tears and totally emotional!

The wedding... was beautiful! Kim was (of course) one of the most
beautiful brides I've ever seen! PenRyn Mansion and the outdoor
ceremony on the water was just beautiful! They had the band Jellyroll
there... which was such a treat! I know I sound disjointed, but it's
only because the day was such a blur... and so much fun!

Here are links to the photos:

The Bachelorette Party in NYC (Dinner at Mario Battali's "Otto's" and
Karaoke at "Sing! Sing!")

The Rehearsal Dinner at Chickie's & Pete's

The Wedding Day

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