Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Telling Everyone

So originally Rory and I (mostly I) were thinking that we should probably wait to tell everyone the big news until after Brandy's wedding. We didn't want to step on any toes, but 2 and a half months is a long time to wait with such big news.

A handfull of people knew that we were trying for a baby, and with our family's penchant for secrets, a handful soon became 2 handfull, then an armfull. Rory and I had both been talking about how great it was going to be once we broke the news, even trying to predict everyone's reactions.

Well on Monday the family all met to celebrate me surviving 26 years in a row, and the topic turned to babies. Mom was regaling us with stories of her giving birth to me, then the other kids. Somehow the moment just seemed right. I looked over at Rory and she just gave me a little nod. I then interjected in the conversation with something like "Uh, yeah, since we're on the topic, We're pregnant." Not exactly the wordsmith there, but it certainly took the conversation in a new direction. Mom apparently had told Dad a few days ago that she thought Rory was pregnant because Rory turned down an iced tea the other day (wtf?) Dad was very happy and just kept saying "thats so cool." Excited person of the evening went to Dorrie though, as she couldn't keep from beaming the rest of the evening. After dinner Rory called her family and spread the news (what hadn't gotten out.) Kip's reaction "So am i now allowed to know what i wasn't supposed to know from your mother who knew nothing?" Uh yeah.

Scott had a great reaction, and soon the news was all over facebook.

Yesterday we spend a good portion of the day calling friend and letting them know the good news. Everyone seemed really excited for us and I love having this news to share with everybody. It still feels like a very long way till April, but i'm very excited.

P.S. I'm pulling for an April fool's day due date. Even if little bowser doesn't join us on that date, you better believe i'm prank calling some anxious family members ;)

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