Monday, October 13, 2008

Cel-le-brate Good Times... Come On!

Flashback to October 2005...

Can you believe we've been married for three years?! I know that the length in years isn't a huge milestone, but I sat back to think about it the other day and realized something... time flies when you're having fun! ;) At this time last year, we had a list of big milestones that we had accomplished in the previous year... mainly the new house and the new puppy! This year, we're just happy to have the house (especially in this market!) and are loving the crap out of Sirius Black! Of course, this past year has had some highlights... an All-Chamberlin Thanksgiving... vacation in the Dominican Republic... a new car (Yay Jetta!)... and a great year of Caps Hockey!

Which leads me to our anniversary celebration... instead of trying to go out on a Wednesday night (Hello?! Project Runway Pre-Fashion Week Show!), we decided to wait until Saturday and spend the whole day downtown! Kim & Josh were in town, so we had a nice lunch with them and Jeff Enama over at Rio... I hate that Kim & I live so far apart (i.e. not living around the corner from each other like we did growing up), so I totally jumped at the chance to spend some QT with her and Josh!

After lunch, Joe and I headed downtown to start the Anniversary celebration... dinner and the Caps Home Opener! Wedged between the Verizon Center and Clyde's, the Caps had a little pre-game fun going on... they had a huge block of ice with sticks in it... if you could pull a stick out, you got a prize (like a team-signed jersey or free tickets)! Yes, our chances were as good as Wart pulling the sword out of the stone, but if he could do it, maybe we had a shot...

Okay, maybe not! ;) We didn't have much luck... they were kind of sticklers with the rules, so no wiggling, no posting your foot against the ice for leverage, just one swift pull! Luckily, my spirits were lifted when Slapshot made a cameo...

We killed some time around Verizon Center before our dinner reservation... at ZENGO! I had been there a few times with work colleagues, but Joe had never experienced their Latin American-Asian Fusion wonders... so I gladly made the executive decision to have our anniversary dinner there! We had a killer meal and left full of Volcano Roll, Ahi Tuna, and Steak... and were ready for the game!

We got to our seats early enough to catch the pre-game skate and the ceremonial raising of the banner (Southeast Divisional Champions) into Verizon Center's rafters... which was pretty cool. As for the game, we beat the Blackhawks 4-2 and you can read about it on ESPN... I'm getting a little tired of writing! We had a great day... and it was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary!

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