Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coming Up (from the Cave) for Air...

Now that the Caps Cave has had its official debut, all of the activity around our house has died down a bit... a.k.a. We're cuddling in the cave! ;)

The Richardson Crew came over last week to watch Monday Night Football and we had a great time catching up in the cave. I was especially excited to use the night as a debut for the final piece of the Caps Cave puzzle...

Yay! Christmas came a bit early from the elves at Laura's Platters and Splatters! ;) Joe was unbelievably psyched as this is a piece of craftiness that is totally guy oriented! As for me, I just love it so much!

This past weekend I got some much needed Girl/Elon time at Homecoming! With all of the house and work stuff going on and coming up, I took advantage of the event and buzzed down I-85 to good 'ole Elon!

Luckily, Towa never denies me a bed ;) and is always graciously giving me a place to stay on my road trips! We went to Lighthouse (Gasp! I know, I finally set foot in there... it only took Elon buying and refurbishing it to get me there!) for the Young Alumni Party and caught up with Jenny, Kim, Beaty, Catalfumo, and a bunch of other people! We continued the fun into tailgating on Saturday... I was so excited to see my friends Reed & Katie and meet their little girl Avery (who is flipping adorable!!)... and catch up with a whole mess of people! I think Catalfumo and I recounted nearly every cheerleading memory at the game and my ear drums nearly burst from her screaming when AOII won Homecoming Queen... Elon beating Western Carolina was just gravy! We, of course, finished the weekend with dinner at Monterray's!!

The cherries on top... Cheap Gas and Biscuitville!

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The Healy Family said...

I can't believe that you took a picture of the gas station. Well we have you beat here in Arkansas gas is $1.87/ gallon. Can you believe that? I did a big Yippee!