Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meet Sully!

Let's start this whole story out with the fact that I have the best sister and Mom in the world... I reached out to Susan at Top Knotch about a Schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle) that she had on her website. It turned out that she wasn't selling this pup, but looking for someone to adopt him! Joe and I were planning on going up and bringing him back down in a day. Allison had been thinking of coming down for a visit and to see the new basement and said that she'd go pick him up and bring him down... somehow Mom got roped into the trip... and by 1:30pm today they were at our doorstep with a new bundle of fur!

Meet Sullivan "Sully" Richardson!

He's a 17 week old Schnoodle who is a total cutie! He's an amazing cuddler and has jumped into the middle of the pack (of Sirius, Bailey, and Finley) with all paws! We hadn't decided on a name until today, but once we saw him and all of his furriness making us giggle up a storm, he was quickly deemed "Sully" for James P. Sullivan in Monsters Inc... my favorite pixar movie!

There's a lot more to write, but he's currently playing with the ball at my feet and I can't resist playing with him! Here are a few photos from out 1st day together:

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abc said...

Full name is Sullivan Black Richardson...right? Sirius Black and Sully Black? Seems like a match made in the ashes of a fireplace actually...kidding, totally adorable. Love the name but curious about the Bob or Fungus story from the mind of Nick. Congrats! Looking forward to meeting the little Sully dude next week! (Although, a little nervous about the pup count -- will the turkey survive?)