Monday, November 24, 2008

When the humans are away, the dogs will... sleep.

In case you didn't get the memo, I've installed a Puppy Cam in the kitchen!  Okay, so I really just left my MacBook open with the camera on, but it has the same effect!  I had always wondered what Sirius did all day while we were at work and always felt terrible leaving him alone without someone to play with.  And then add Sully... my curiosity turned more into concern as I wasn't sure how the two puppies would get along in an empty (a.k.a. non-refereed) house.  After getting the puppy cam going, my mind was put at ease as I now see that they spend about 90% of the day sleeping and 10% playing!  Yes, this screenshot shows our new little pup cuddled up with Sirius - ignoring the empty bed beside him - and sleeping virtually upside down.  What can I say, our pups have never been known to lack character! ;)
While there will not be puppy cam in the coming days as we head to PA for Thanksgiving (they may make a cameo, but no promises), you can find Sirius and Sully's Puppy Cam at:

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