Monday, January 19, 2009

Dinner with the Olga's

When your host mother from Russia travels halfway around the world, you do what you can to see her!! Luckily, Olga had a conference in DC, so I was jumping for joy in anticipation! Words just cannot describe how exciting it is to be reunited with my Russian Family... I can't believe it's been five years, almost six, since I was in Vladivostok and I miss it so much! I was lucky that Mama Olga's first trip to the US in 2005 coincided with our wedding... I think she had originally scheduled to come a month after, but we got on the phones and she touched down in New York a week before we were married... having her there was "icing on the beautiful wedding cake" and I've waited three years to see her again!

We met up at Morty's Deli in Tenleytown for some good old Cheesecake (Mama Olga's favorite)... Olga's friend (who lives in DC) met us there and we had a wonderful time catching up over some good food! As always, our time was so short.. but it sure was wonderful to see them!

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Dana said...

Haven`t seen Olga from that time...
Good to see you together again=))

Lena, Vladivostok