Thursday, June 11, 2009

26 Weeks and Counting...

We're in that time of year when I tend to get a little cranky...
Camp starts in a week and a half, so everyone around me is in camp-mode and will continue to be for the next three months. Okay, so it's really not that bad. I'm just totally jealous that I'm stuck working inside all summer and am used to being at the center of Joe's universe, so the crankiness kicks in when I'm kicked into orbit with everything else on his plate! All-in-all, he's been very good so far (i.e., giving me enough attention), is totally busting tush to get everything ready, and (from what I can tell) everything is going well! He's psyched about his staff (whom I am very thankful for b/c they're seriously amazing at their jobs... thus making his job much more enjoyable and him in a better mood when he eventually comes home to me!) and is just ready for the kids to get there and get the show on the road! Orientation is this weekend, so I feel like we're following the pace car and waiting to see that green flag flying!
Add all of that excitement to a preggie brain and that's where I am... on the corner of anxious and overwhelmed! So far, things are continuing to look pretty good. I have a date with the OB tomorrow (we see each other monthly at this point, but I have a feeling that things are heating up and we'll soon be seeing each other more frequently) and have my fingers crossed that he'll be happy with me and my ultrasound results from earlier this week. You see, I can't get into an exclusive relationship with one doctor b/c I see a different OB in the practice every time and I also LOVE seeing my geneticist every month for show-and-tell (ultrasounds!)... that, and despite what's going on with me as a baby-carrier/soon-to-be-mama, I'll never break my regular dates with my rheumatologist!
Yes, it's late in the afternoon and I'm a little punchy...
As evidenced by the photo, we went in and had an ultrasound done (for growth... every 4 weeks at this point) on Tuesday, and despite a short power-outage due to the storm (mid-ultrasound!), everything is looking fabulous.
She's measuring right on time at 26 weeks and her estimated weight is 1lb 11oz... her heartbeat was on target at 161 bpm, she was sucking her thumb at one point, all organs look good/are working, and she was even practicing her breathing as we were watching (I.e., we got to see her lungs breathing, but right now she's just inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid... kinda gross when you think about what amniotic fluid is, but I imagine far more icky things are still to come).
The photo isn't fab b/c the printer didn't have time to warm up after the power outage... and the tech was in a rush to get the essential information saved on the system so we didn't lose it if power went out again, so no fun 3-D pics this time... but enjoy the photo of our little girl who only has 14 weeks left before she gets the eviction notice!
The past two weeks have been kinda (okay, very) nutty... Nursery preparation is in full swing with Leslie starting to sew everything! I'm so flipping excited to see how it's all going to turn out and ready for it to be done (clearly patience is not a virtue that I possess)! I'm ordering a dresser and am in the final stages of glider-selection (seriously, its not as simple as you think!) as we speak! Last weekend Joe and I hit up the Leesburg Outlets and I found a few photo frames from the Pottery Barn Outlet that match the furniture and we're eventually thinking about what colors to eventually paint the walls (thank god we have 14 more weeks!)!
After the outlets, we went to Mountainside to hang out with all of the Bauchiero girls and their kids... Alin and Joanie were in town with their little ones and it was such a treat to see them all in one place! We've recently seen most of the movies that have been on the to-see list: Star Trek, totally surprised at how much I enjoyed it; Up, I'll just blame the tears on the preggo hormones and say that it was sooo good; and the Hangover, which I still can't even think about without laughing!
My office threw a baby shower on Monday! We celebrated my boss' new twins as well as MaryAnne's and my fetuses (soon-to-be kiddos)! I was totally expecting everyone to just pop into the conference room to say hello, so you can imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and saw decorations! Amy totally went all out and everything was so perfect! Her mom even made cookies and sent them down from Pittsburgh! Unfortunately, we're not really the rah-rah-take-pictures type of office, but I managed to sneak in a few photos of the festivities. My apologies in advance for there not being any of me... by the time came for anything picture-worthy, I was so excited to tear into my gift basket that I forgot to hand someone else the camera! Here's a link to the photos:
Finally, I bit the bullet and ventured into the world of prenatal exercise... and man did I need it!! I found a fitness studio in Bethesda, Hot Mama Fitness, that focuses on pre- and postnatal workouts ( and signed up for their prenatal pilates class. The gods were smiling on me yesterday when I showed up and was the only one there for the class... deduct one point for not being able to meet other soon-to-be mommies, but add a point for an hour of a one-on-one pilates class! It worked out beautifully b/c we were able to take things a bit slower and she was able to help me modify poses as needed... I didn't realize how much the RA has affected my joints until I needed to bend my ankle a certain way and it just wouldn't give! It was a really great workout and I just love how worn-out and relaxed my body is after a class like that!
Whew, yeah... it's just been one of those weeks and I'm ready to totally collapse and sleep through the weekend! Oh wait, it's not Friday?! One more day...

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