Tuesday, July 07, 2009

30 Weeks and Craving...

I'm in the middle of writing a post about my fabulous Baby Shower, but got distracted (seems to be happening a lot these days... preggo brain, anyone?!) when I realized that today marks 30 weeks!
In honor of my growing baby doll... who still seems perfectly content cooking in there and hasn't given me much grief at all... I figured I'd fill everyone in on the miraculous pregnancy side effect that we call "cravings!"
My cravings mostly fall into the "lack thereof" category as I really haven't had anything crazy pop into my head that I just needed to have.  There has been the occasional breakdown because I'm plain old hungry and don't know what I want, but what else is new!?  My only true craving has been strawberries... and I mean STRAWBERRIES!  If they are available to me, I can tear through a 2 lb. carton of strawberries in less than a day.  In fact, that's what has happened over the last few weeks as I've bought 4 lbs of strawberries on Sunday, rationed them off to get me 4 or 5 equal bowls for each day of the week (Hello snack time at my desk!), and effectively inhaled my week's worth of berries by Wednesday morning!  I've added a Strawberry-Banana Lassi (kinda smoothie-ish as its just strawberries, banana, and yogurt) from Teaism to my daily routine... so just another form of my strawberry obsession!
The "real" cravings come into play when JOE enters the mix... Yes my friends, call it what you will, but Mr. Joey has been the real craver in this pregnancy!  The photo of me is in fact just a byproduct of Joe's obsession... Ice Cream!  Depending on his mood, we head to either Giant (to visit our friends Ben & Jerry and bring home a pint of their Mint Chocolate Cookie), ColdStone (if he's in the mood for a Mint-Mint-Chocolate-Chocolate-Chip Sundae), Rita's (I go for a Gelati and Joe snags a quart of the best flavor of the day), Dairy Queen (this is usually per my request as sometimes a girl needs a Blizzard), or Brewster's (for a Waffle Cone full of Mint Chocolate Chip... and I made the mistake of asking for a "small" banana split that you see in the photo!).  Suffice it to say, I've learned to save room for ice cream when I'm thinking about how much to eat for dinner! :)
The other random Joe-Craving has been onion rings... not sure where it came from, but every time the thought of fried-up onions enters his brain, we're heading for somewhere that serves onion rings.  Now that I think about it, looks like we'll be having some form of these tonight as Joe will surely read this and want them (especially once he realizes that in my oversleeping this morning, I didn't pull out anything for dinner tonight!)!
This concludes the "we eat crap" section of the broadcast... and this is not to be used against us in a few years when our little girl wants nothing but junk food and hates me for making her eat healthy stuff! ;)

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Allie said...

Rory- This is Allie (Childers but now French). I just have to tell you that you are one CUTE pregnant lady. Keep up the good work :)