Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Caps Cribs... or should I say "Future Caps Fan's Crib"

A LOT went on this weekend, so I'm just going to start posting in chronological order...
First, my fabulous hubby made me clean the house all week (I didn't think he, or his idea for cleaning, was fabulous at the time), but it was all for good reason... so we can start working on Baby Girl's room!
Even though we haven't painted we cleaned out the room and, in a sudden burst of energy, Joe decided to put the crib together! I, of course, interjected with unsolicited advice as I was getting dressed for Shira's BBQ (more on that tomorrow), so I was involved as I could be (and probably more than Joe would have preferred)! Anyway, he's so fabulous and I'm so excited to see the crib in there every time I walk by the room!
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JWolfgramm said...

crib's up = getting closer to baby time!! It's a really cute crib Rory!