Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Steps: Completely Moulded

The chair rail is finished!!
Let's take a step back and start from the beginning (of Saturday, at least)... We woke up bright and early on Saturday for our first childbirth class. Yes, we signed up for a 4 hour class on Saturday mornings, but I figured that only having to go for 3 weeks (you have a whole bunch of options for taking classes, but the bottom line is that you'll be in class for 12 hours total, so it doesn't matter too much how you slice it) would be more tolerable than the thought of having to go for six. The fact that I often sit through 4+ hour meetings and Joe can do pretty much anything also helped shape that decision. Much to our surprise, aside from the booooooring car seat video (yes, 45 minute video on how to install a car seat... only to have it taken and checked by professionals who will tell you that you're part of the 80% who installed it incorrectly!), the class wasn't too bad at all! You can tell that Tibbie, our instructor, is a seasoned veteran (she had three children au natural and has been teaching these classes for 22 years) as she cut out a lot of the crap and really gave us the information we need to know. The gory videos are next week, so this one was pretty tame and only one part of a video that was a bit shocking (Holy Placenta Batman!). I particularly enjoyed the relaxation/meditation training part of the class when I got to snuggle up to Joe and imagine myself in my happy place... which is most definitely my bed! ;) All-in-all I consider the first class a success as we didn't run out of there terrified of what's to come, but a little more prepared for what's bound to go down in about eight weeks!
After some lunch (Cheeburger Cheeburger... YUM!), we set out for the task at hand... getting the chair rail up in Baby Girl's room! Joe got the room measured, bought everything from Lowe's, and painted the moulding to match the furniture by 6pm! Dude was on a mission! :) He then treated me to Guapo's and a movie (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!! Go see it!)... seriously, I have the best hubbs ever!
Joe woke up Sunday and got right to work cutting the moulding and I helped get it up on the walls! The whole process really isn't that simple, but seeing as I didn't do much of the work, its hard to describe! After dinner I grabbed a paint brush and did a little touch-up on the chair rail and floor boards... et voila!

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