Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Don't wanna be an American Idiot...

...but somehow that's probably unavoidable! ;) I kid, I kid... I'm also still humming every Green Day song that pops into my head (humming because we all know that I'm terrible at remembering actual lyrics!)!

Rocking out at the Green Day Concert at 33 Weeks!

Needless to say, we had a freakin' blast at the Green Day concert! I don't know if it was necessarily Joe's cup of tea, but I had a hard time containing my excitement!

We had a great dinner at Oyamel, a Mexican restaurant I've been dying to take Joe to, and Joe even ate their famous cricket taco! Ack! Apparently it wasn't that bad... he said it tasted something like mesquite popcorn (yet it still looked like a taco with a huge pile of crickets)! I had my favorite skirt steak and felt totally nourished and ready to get to the concert.

Walking through a punk concert 8 months pregnant definitely yielded some interesting looks... they ranged all the way from "Rock On Preggo Lady" to people stoping and staring while thinking "You're already a terrible mother if you're bringing your baby to a punk concert in utero!" It didn't really seem to phase women, but I got a ton of odd/dirty/appalled looks from men. Go figure. Anyway...

Luckily, for Baby Girl, I didn't get tickets early enough so we were stuck sitting all the way up in the 400s at Verizon Center... while I would have much rather preferred to be down in the crowd at the stage, it was probably safer that I stayed away from the mosh pit.

Green Day, well... Bottom line: they're just amazing! I was in total heaven for the 3 hours that they were on stage and only sat down when I totally had to. I think even Joe was impressed with the show they put on!

As for Baby Girl... I don't presume to know too much of her preferences while in utero, but let's just say that I'm 99% sure that we have a little punk rocker on our hands! ;) She was bouncing and kicking throughout the whole time. I'm pretty sure they were happy kicks as none were really aimed at my bladder or ribs with the message "get me outta here." She just rolled around and squirmed to the beat!

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