Thursday, August 06, 2009

Insert Foot into Ribcage...

Yes, my friends... this is as good as an ultrasound photo gets when you're 34 weeks pregnant with a chunker inside of you! You're looking at her foot, pressing flat against the fundus (Childbirth class vocab for top of the uterus... how do you like them apples?!) and putting some wonderfully comfortable (not!) pressure on my ribcage! For those of you who don't look at these everyday, her leg is coming up the middle (very faintly) and it goes into her foot (foot is upside down... just like she is) with her heel on the left and toes on the right.

Here are a few stats from yesterday's ultrasound:
~Gestational Age: 34 weeks
~Weight: 4lbs 6oz
~Laurel's Size/Weight Translation: Cantaloupe
~Position: Head down, facing my spine, ready to rock
~Diving Position Translation: Not a solid tuck, but thankfully not a pike... she's pretty cramped/balled up with her knees tucked in. Her tush protrudes out near my belly button quite nicely and I like to mess with her by pushing her tush back in and making her squirm! ;)
~Hair: Ultrasound tech claimed to see a few hair follicles... I'll believe it when I see it (both Joe and I were bald (!) babies)!
~Padding: We've got baby fat! This is one of Joe's few requests/hopes... no skinny babies, he wants a chunker! Based on seeing some fat rolls on the ultrasound, I think I'll be able to deliver on that wish! ;)

Everything is looking as if we're right on time, but don't tell that to my coworkers who like to inform me everyday that she'll come early b/c she's out of room... and b/c they know I'm such a planner and it would drive me crazy for her to not be on schedule!

Joe and I pulled the car seat out of the box last night, but I think I'm going to wait to install it until after the Jones kids come and go next week. We also put together the swing... which is freaking adorable. Photos to come...

Nursery and house are coming along slowly, but we've had to put priority on educational efforts over the last few weeks. We completed the childbirth class last Saturday and were both a little out of our element when there wasn't a formal test at the end... then again, I think the "practical exam" that corresponds with the course will be more than enough test for us to handle. ;)

We also sat through a breastfeeding class on Sunday... talk about boring! Given my RA, the whole "what will she eat?" issue is going to be up for grabs until the time comes... basically, if I flare up, it's good ole formula for our little darling. We decided to take the class just in case (and it was free) and probably could have done without... the woman spent an hour talking about how to make a "nipple sandwich" (with your hands... yummy! ;)) and where to place the sandwich...
"You place the sandwich between the baby's chin and nose."
Hmm, I'm not a rocket scientist, but couldn't you just say "In her mouth!?" Yes, it was a painfully slow and boring morning! All-in-all, we only wasted a few hours and got a manual/book to keep with us at home!

Other than classes, Joe's been working his tail off and I've been coming into work to count down the days until baby gets here... I must admit that it's very hard to focus when your belly is shifting every 3 minutes and everyone is asking "how much longer" every time they see me! Thus, I remind you all...

Six more weeks!!

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