Friday, August 07, 2009

Happy Homecoming!

We got our first missionary back yesterday... Andrew got home after serving 2 years in Utah!  We still have 11 months to wait for the family to be completely whole again (Tommy's serving his mission in Japan), but it's so exciting to have Drew back!
We all met at the airport yesterday afternoon to greet him at the arrivals gate... everyone was just buzzing with excitement and that last hour of waiting seemed to take forever!  We were all waiting for Nancy to literally jump out of her skin- she was so excited... I can't imagine having my son be gone for 2 years and the anticipation of having him back!  She made a big sign and had a bunch of balloons... so we created a human barricade outside of the security exit to make it impossible for him to miss us! ;)
I totally got wrapped up in the moment and forgot to take pics, but here's a link to the video Joe took:
Everyone went back to the Ranch to have some burgers and hot dogs and just catch up with our Drew... we kept him all to ourselves last night, but Nancy invited everyone up to Mountainside tomorrow night to welcome him back!  Just so freaking exciting...
Welcome Home Andrew!!

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JWolfgramm said...

awww what a great video! Good job Joe!! Ya - I cried a little watching it!! haha