Friday, March 05, 2010

6 Months Old!

I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that Dagny is six months old today! Time has just flown by and I can't really believe that at this point last year, we still hadn't told anyone I was pregnant! I was looking through pictures and wanted to post a "time lapse" look at the Doodlebug, but ended up finding 3 videos that displayed it better than a photo ever could!

Here she is at just a day or two old... she arrived into this world completely alert and ready to take it all in! Unfortunately, the first few days were spent in a hospital NICU, so she had to wait just a few days before exploring the real world! This is the first video we took of her - I had been snapping photos with my iPhone and realized I could video tape her doing something that she would routinely continue to do (albeit unwillingly!) for the first few months - the hiccups!

Here is Dagny at three months... at this time her favorite hobby was definitely playing (quietly) on her playmat and smiling at everyone! We had started putting her in the exersaucer at this point, but that was more of a "holder" than an activity as her motor skills weren't quite refined enough to "get it" all!

And here is Dagny today... at six months! Can you believe it!?
As documented in previous posts, she's turned into quite a vocal little girl (coming from Joey and I - No way?!) and is into everything... she loves the jumperoo, plays with all of the toys on the exersaucer, rolls around and squirms around the carpet (not quite an army-crawl yet, but she can get from place to place!), loves to eat with us at the table (rice cereal for her... and the occasional mashed potato or pizza crust to suck on!), pets and pulls on Sirius & Sull, laughs hysterically at Joe (whatever he does - she cracks up! I have to really work to get a single laugh!), and just loves everything about life (even bed time on most days - just not last night)! She's just developing at such a rapid pace lately, I feel like everyday is a new (and even louder) adventure!

I can't even begin to imagine what she'll be up to (and into!) in another six months! Yes, it's a cliche, but time really does fly!

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