Friday, March 05, 2010

What a week!

This week has certainly been an exciting one for our friends... Brandon and Clarissa's baby boy, Kody Parker, arrived early Monday morning and Annie's (B's Best Friend) adorable little girl, Marleigh, arrived on Tuesday. Now, if Lila could just get a move on and make her debut - the 1st set of March babies would be complete! Sidenote to Lila:
Darling girl- While I know you're super comfy where you are right now, I can guarantee you that once you join us on "the outside" life will only get better - there will be infinite hugs and kisses from all sorts of friends, family & dogs, soft and comfy blankets to be swaddled in, lullabies from Mommy & Daddy, and a whole world to explore! We're trying to resist sending you an eviction notice, but this is getting a little absurd - your parents have waited so long already for your arrival... please don't make them wait much longer!
In a few weeks, we'll be welcoming the Childs family back to the East Coast (HOORAY!!!!!!!) and Baby Bennett Teague to the world... whew, March is surely an exciting month!
Come April 1st, I'm heading to California for the big event: ABC + JOE!
Does life get any better than this?!

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