Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Heart Creative Friends... Especially ones who happen to be preggers with a BOY!

Knowing that El & Geoff were heading for an ultrasound on Friday at
4pm, I was do freaking antsy all day! As if I didn't have enough on
my mind, we had a situation that had to be handled at work that kept
me in the office quite late in Friday (and would have been later had I
not had Caps tix) and it was 6:30 by the time I checked the clock.
Not wanting to be late for the game, I grabbed everything and hurried
to the Verizon center as soon as I could!

Joe and I are walking through the concourse and I'm going trough my
list of "needs"... You know, red jersey, chicken tenders, ice cream...
Hockey game essentials! ;) Joe said we could get all of that, but that
he was craving cotton candy- an odd request, but as crazy about cotton
candy as Nancy is, I wasn't surprised that Joe inherited her taste
buds! I was booking it to the chicken fingers and Joe stops off for
his cotton candy... He gets it and hands it to me and says, "This is
from Ellie."

<Insert thoughtful pause here>

<Look at Cotton Candy and realize it's Blue!>

SQUEEEEE! She's having a BOY!! after roughly twenty "oh my gosh's" I
fumbled to get my phone and text her (horrible phone reception at the

Seriously, people, how freaking creative is she!! :-D

So excited!!!


laurel said...

love her! you two are such a pair!!!!

Dayna said...

Awwww. tooo cute!