Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kid Tested, Not Sure if Mother Approves ;)

> Gma Nancy bought Daggers and Mason portable DVD with the hopes of
> keeping them quiet on their upcoming flights out west! I charged it
> up and popped in the Barney DVD that ABC passed on from her
> collection at work... I had no idea that the little one would
> instantly love that darn purple dinosaur!!


laurel said...

Does that mean Daddy and I have 5 hrs of barney to look forward to???

Dayna said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO Barney...take my advice from one mom to another. Find a cartoon that you can stand, maybe actually laugh at or like. Believe me I watch Mickey Mouse every morning for an hour. Don't get her hooked on something that you cannot stand!

abc said...

I am responsible only for a random Barney -- there will be no more as it is not WB...Baby Looney Tunes...that you might see.