Wednesday, May 05, 2010

FOCUS on Photography

Okay kids, so tons to post about what's been going on in our world lately, but to be honest- there's just so much that it's overwhelming to even begin!
If you know me, you know that I have a "minor" obsession with photographs. My MacBook is non-functional at the moment because I have too many photos on there... last I counted, I had 7500 photos from Mid-2006 through January 2008! While that includes many of my friend's weddings, it doesn't even cover all of the photos from mine! I've been storing photos on my work computer to overcomensate for lack of hard drive space at home - and yes, I bought an axternal harddrive - and no, I do not trust it.
SO... I'm thinking if putting everything on an online site... Flikr? PhotoBucket? Smugmug? Any input?!
Anyway - last week was my birthday! Hooray! As Joe reminded me- 28 is only 2 years from 30... and it doesn't bother me one bit! Have you seen my life?! Does it get better than this?!
I've decided that my birthday celebration for my little family should be something special - and since I'm downtown everyday and only one block away from our nation's treasure trove of art and culture - we should actually have a "DC" experience for my day! Two years ago we had lunch with Tai Shan at the Zoo (He's now in China) and this year we went to the living butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum! You literally walk into a room that's full of hundreds of butterflies - how cool is that!?
Among the many cute photos we got...

I wanted to hightlight this one as it pertains to this week's Blogography Challenge: Focus!

I used Lolli's tips on focus and...


On another front - I ran into the lovely Lolli at Earth Day a few weeks ago (it helps that she goes to church with my in laws and her kiddos enjoy hanging out at our little summer camp) and after chatting a bit, I've decided to do a photowalk with her! I'm all registered and can't wait until June 5th for the I Heart Faces Photowalk!

Oh; and I just ordered a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens to play with, too! Bottom Line: I'm totally excited to learn more about photography and make sure I'm able to capture the good stuff as Little Miss Dagny grows up! Next step: Camera Bag - what kind should I get!? What works best when trying to carry the right lenses and your camera in one hand and an 8 month old in the other!?

Finally, let's not forget Mr. Joe (I giggle when I say that because that's what all of the kids at Dagny's day care call him!)... as I explore taking the photos, my talented hubby is hard at work learning how to enhance them! He's quite addicted to and is getting really good at photo editing... he's also starting to kick my butt at taking the photos too, which is part of the reason I need to beef up my photography skills (I have to bring something to the table!)

Last week was also Nancy's 50th Birthday and we decided to make her a gift! Here's a link to the photos of the gift we made her:
(Yes, I'm too lazy to re-post here! ;) )
My job was to supervise Dagny's artistic endeavours while Joe took photos of our process and then he created the photo for the center of the frame:

Isn't it fab!? It looked PERFECT in the frame with the painting! If you didn't click the link above to see the rest of the album, I suggest you do so because you're seriously missing out if you don't!
Okay, I actually have to do some work today... Ciao!


Manic Mother said...

Beautiful pics! So jealous you get to do the photo walk, how fun! I wish they were doing one in FL...

WizzyTheStick said...

I love the selective use of colour on baby - such a cutie. Photobucket grants permission for anyone to use your photo, edit lease sell etc. once your settings are not set to private. Flikr is what I have now. It works for me. They do not allow the use resale etc of your photos. All rights remain reserved to you unless you choose theire creative commons liscence. Shuterbug is good and I plan to have an account there when I feel my photos are more professional. Last I remember you had to pay to join. Hope that helps. My best advice tho would be to read the terms of service of whatever site very carefully to see if it suits your need and to determine that you retain all rights to your work

Marie said...

your daughter is seriously cute! I love the butterfly photo...great job!