Friday, July 30, 2010

Give Me Your Best Shot... GMYBS!

I'm slowly entering back into the world of blogging... very slowly! The Doodlebug takes up much more energy than I ever thought possible (in a good way!) and the new job that I started at work when I returned from maternity leave is much faster-paced and involved than before (which is also a great thing! Loving your job... who knew it was possible?!). I alternate between driving into the city (Pro: Free Parking, Con: DC Traffic) and taking the metro (Pro: No Traffic, Con: Very Expensive - $15 a day!), but on the days I'm on the metro I'm usually composing a blog post so I can throw it up here when I get to a computer!

Back to my point... When I sat down to map out the scrapbook for Dagny's 1st year, I counted 53+ pages that need to be made for events and/or milestones. That's a lot of activity for one year (11 months, so far!) and it probably could have been made easier if I had kept up to date with blogging. While I'm not going to get up to full speed quickly, I'm going to start participating in activities of my blogger friends. I heart faces has a weekly contest that you have to enter on Monday or Tuesday and now I'm going to try to do "Give Me Your Best Shot." GMYBS is not a contest, but just a good excuse to post your favorite pictures of the week!

Had I written this post yesterday, I would have just included this photo:

Last weekend we took a boat ride out to St. Michael's (from Pintail Point) for a crab feast. Well, for me it was a hushpuppy and french fry feast, but Dagny and Joe at crabs. Yes, my daughter is a Marylander... we gave her some crab and she went bonkers for it! Luckily my husband is a Marylander and knows how to pick crabs (without bashing the shell into smithereens... which my Grandfather -a native Marylander- would be very proud of) and kept picking little bits of crab as I passed them over to her (on a fork- I'm not touching that stuff!). It was ridiculously hot on the boat and the only way of cooling off was to hang out on the rail... which Dagny thoroughly enjoyed. My daughter certainly loves a little adrenaline boost (which makes me worry for when she's older) and was on cloud nine sitting on the edge of the boat! Luckily Grandma took over "spotting" her so I could grab my camera!

My few photos are from last night... I'm a little late with this project for "Month Ten," but I've been taking monthly photos of Dagny with the bear Granddad gave her. It started out as a weekly thing, but I found it so hard to pin her down on a glider for photos every week. Especially as, if I'm being honest here, she's totally bored with the bear and can see her blessed Gloworm in the basket across the room! In the beginning it was hard to prop her head up and now it's hard to keep her in the chair!

See the bear behind her?! Poor bear...

Climbing up on to the dresser... nice!

And finally, recovering her sippy cup... luckily she's already on to using a straw, making life a bit easier!

And there you have it... go to the following links to see other entries!

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p.s. Did I tell you that I won a giveaway?! I won a Fracture from Lolli! Now I just have to figure out what image to use... any suggestions??


Lolli said...

I just love the colors in Dagny's room! And congrats on that giveaway. :)

Steph said...

I am new to blogging as well!! Your daughter is adorable...great shots! I am way behind on my daughter's scrapbook and she is 2!! It is hard to find time to do anything but Mommy-activies :)