Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Just Can't Wait!!

Have you ever had a photo that you've taken and you just love it so much that you can't wait for the next i heart faces contest or GMYBS!? Clearly, I do!
Dagny, Sarah (one of Joe's counselors- one of the best, who I hope will be Dagny's 1st counselor in a few years), Mason, Brandy, and I went swimming up at Mountainside last Friday night and we had a great time splashing around! I didn't do as much splashing as I did snapping (photos, that is!), but I caught a few good ones. Dagny loves to drink pool water - Gross. I know. I snapped this photo of her as she bent down to get a drink and started to see her reflection... only her nose was touching the water!

She's such a goober. She's my little goober.


laurel said...

Boop, you are getting really good at capturing the right moments!!! Of course, having a "goober" of a subject doesn't hurt either!

abc said...

...OMG...I love this SO MUCH!!!! She is carrying on the fine tradition of GOOBERS in our family!!!!

abc said...
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