Monday, September 13, 2010

i heart faces... Baby's 1st Wheels!

Who says the driving age is sixteen?!
I'm only one and have my own set of wheels!

The timing for this week's i heart faces prompt,"Vroom! Vroom!," is totally perfect as it was the Doodlebug's first birthday party this weekend and Kippy (her grandfather, but you can't call him that!) showed up with a big surprise!

As my mom tells the story -- they were in Toys R Us and she was looking at the Little People toys in the little kid aisle when my Dad walked up with a Power Wheels box in his hand!  She texted me: "Daddy's present for Dagny-- Will Joe kill him?" and I told her that although we were trying to enforce a "no gifts" rule at the party, somehow I'd make an exception if they decided to go this route!  They didn't tell me if they bought it,  but when I saw the mischievous grin on my Dad's face when he walked in (same mischievous face Dagny inherited from him!) I just knew he did!

It was a hit... Joe laughed and Dagny got right on (all by herself).  She knew exactly what it was for and was bouncing up and down... it wasn't until Scott helped her press the power button that she realized that it actually moved!  She had such a blast playing on it on Saturday at the Ranch and was all over it yesterday at home!


marinda said...

awe! what a cutie! looks like she's ready to goooo!!

Jennifer said...

Love it!

Sandy said...

She is precious! Love her expression!

Life with Kaishon said...

She is such a little cutie! LOVE her adorable shirt! I love girl clothes! : )