Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Post I Wish More People Had Read... SITS Back to Blogging

Today's prompt is "A Post I Wish More People Had Read" over at SITS and I had a hard time coming up with one!  The truth is, I don't really blog for others to read as much as I blog for myself!  While I love scrapbooking, the fact of the matter is that I just don't have time for it!  My blog is my own personal journal that just happens to reside in a place where others can read it!

The following post is special to me because it's the actual horoscope I read about 6 hours after my water broke and two weeks sooner than I had expected it to!

An unexpected change to your plans today could be caused by someone who decides to deviate from the agreed upon schedule. You might have a hard time making the sudden adjustment, but this is no time to be stubborn. Go out of your way to demonstrate your flexibility; when others see that you can roll with the punches they will respect you even more.

Remember when I said "you'll know"... Consider this your notice!  We're all hunkered down at Shady Grove because baby girl decided that she is going to make her big debut today!

 What an exciting - and long - day it was...but completely worth it when, at 11:32 p.m., Miss Dagny Arlene decided to join us!

p.s. I'm still having trouble acknowledging the fact that this all happened over a year ago and that those newborn chubby cheeks now look like this...


Lolli said...

I clicked on your link from SITS not knowing this was going to be YOU! It was that newborn picture of Dagny that got me. :) I can't believe that she's a year old, either. Wasn't I just taking those pregnant pictures?!

abc said...

...brings tears to my eyes little Booper (and mom to bitty Booper!) Don't tell (my) Joe but I am going be sneaking peeks at the blog just to keep up with the Little Do while we are island bound. ;-) xoxo