Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Post Title I'm Particularly Proud of... SITS Back to Blogging

I love everything about this post... the title, the photos, the love that went into creating everything we took photos of, etc!  This post title, "Upside Down, Bouncing Off the Ceiling," is one of my favorites for a few reasons... 
-I love watching Joe dancing on stage during Mountainside Town Halls and this song is one of my favorites (although I don't think it's his favorite... for some reason I think his favorite is "Crazy Frog")!
-On this particular occasion, I was so flipping excited that I was practically bouncing off the ceiling... the only thing keeping me from literally doing it was my 9-month pregnant belly!

Here's the original post, "Upside Down, Bouncing off the Ceiling!"

To say that I'm incredibly excited about this blog entry just may be the understatement of the century...
Words cannot convey how psyched I am for the "big reveal" of Baby Girl's room!

To say that I did most of it would be the biggest lie of the century...
~Joe did the painting, molding, heavy lifting, drilling, and furniture assembly!
~Mom and Dad got us the fabulous crib that I just cannot wait to get Baby Girl into!
~Nancy and Joe gave us the gift cards that we used to buy the fabric and dresser!
~Grandmom and Grampa gave us the most comfortable (and beautiful!) glider and ottoman that I've ever sat in!
~Leslie worked her insane magic with a sewing machine and created the most beautiful bedding, diaper stacker, window treatment, quilt, and blanket that I have ever set eyes on! I don't know how she can take yards of folded-up fabric and transform it into all of this... seriously, I'm in complete awe of my amazingly talented Aunt who did all of this in a matter of weeks (in addition to taking care of her four kids)! I could go on for days about how grateful I am for Leslie and everything she does for me... needless to say, she's amazing!
~And I... umm... well... picked out a Lilly print and ordered it... ran to Lowe's and Home Depot a bunch of times to match paint... held the level while Joe screwed in the window treatment... tied some bows... I think you get the point! ;) I'm so blessed with a fabulous husband and family who have let me sit back and make the executive decisions while they do all of the work! I have; however, taken care of the greatest daughter/niece/granddaughter/great-granddaughter-to-be and will soon bring her into this world! ;) That's gotta count for something, right?! Okay, you got me- I haven't exactly fulfilled my end of the bargain... yet!

And, without further ado...


Before I get into highlighting my favorite details, here are two "Before and After" shots of the room:

How freaking awesome is this room!? Okay, I really don't expect anyone to love it as much as I do, but I'm also not going to tone-down my excitement! It's all come out so much better than I even imagined and we haven't even decided on permanent lighting (the heinous black floor lamp is on it's way out the door!) or wall decor!

Now, here are some of my favorite touches:

The details of the bumpers and the heartbeat bear snuggling up in a yummy blanket...
Check out this window treatment and curtains...

The diaper stacker...

The super-soft and yummy quilt...
All of the bows...
And finally, Charlene, my Granny's doll, loving her new digs (and Uggs!)...

I still can't get over the fact that this room exists in my house... the house that (aside from the Caps Cave) the previous owners come back to visit and legitimately say "Wow, you haven't changed a thing!" While I can't wait for Baby Girl to get here and move into her new digs, I must admit that I'm loving and enjoying this room already!
And again, I owe the hugest and most sincere THANK YOU to everyone... especially Joe and Leslie... for making my girly dream a reality! :)

Although this room has exploded with enough garments to clothe a daycare center and books/toys to boot, this room is still my favorite one in the house!

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