Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Join the Stella and Dot Online Party! Giveaway Included!

My Sister in Law, Brandy, is a new Stella & Dot stylist and I'm hosting an online shindig to help get her business going! With all of my friends across the county (and world!) an in-person party would be hard to pull off, so we're having a virtual party with giveaways and everything. Yep, that's right -- Our stylist has offered to give one lucky shopper a free piece of jewelry... all you have to do is place an order and you're entered into the drawing!

Have a little fun and splurge on amazing collections like the Vintage Luxe collection (my fave!) and the editor adored and celebrity coveted signature styles. You may have seen it featured in Lucky Magazine, Redbook, InStyle and Good Housekeeping or on celebs like Christina Hendricks (Joe could write a book about how gorgeous she is), Debra Messing (love her!) and Paris Hilton (okay, that may not be such a draw, but still...), just to namedrop a few. This irresistible line, not available in stores, is such an affordable way to indulge while still saving enough money to buy the fam holiday gifts (or buy some pieces as gifts, hmm...)!

So take a look around - there's tons of cute stuff on the site that I'm sure you'll love. And friends, this isn't a super secret party... spread the love to your family and friends by inviting them to join in the fun as well!

 THE FINE PRINT: To have your purchase count towards the party, and be eligible for the giveaway, you need to take the following steps:

2. Go to the top right where it says "Can't make it to the trunk show? find your hostess" and click the "find your hostess" link

3. Enter my name (first, last, or both) and select the party when it comes up in the search

4. You know you've successfully entered the party when it says "Party Host: Rory Richardson Your purchase will count toward this Party" on the upper right corner.

5. Shop away!

Have fun looking around... and don't forget to make sure you're shopping at "my party" so you can be entered in the giveaway!

Here are a few photos from a trunk show I attended last weekend:

Totally want to get the turquoise bracelet for Doodle!

Love the bee necklace!

Love this glam ring... Wear this with a pair of pearl studs and you're good to go!

Wouldn't these be fab for a night out or special event?!

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Kathleen Niple said...

Did you know the founder of Stella and Dot is an AOII? It' named for Stella George Stern Perry.