Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sick Day on Bayridge Drive

After a quick pediatrician visit on Friday, we learned that Doodle had a lovely inner ear infection on top of the cold she's been fighting.  Luckily, they gave us some antibiotics and she should be good-as-new in a few days.  The down side is that she's passed her cold on to me.  Needless to say, it's been a snotty few days around here! 

Doodle is a complete mess today... her mood is great, she's just a literal mess!  Her shirt has spit-up  amoxicillin and xantax all over it (oh yeah, did I mention the dairy allergy from her newborn days is back!? No cheese or yogurt for this girl) because she decided that swallowing it was not an option this morning and she has a lovely combination of cookie bits and boogies all over her face.  I've been cleaning her face with a wipe every five minutes, but somehow she still manages to look totally gross!

It's all good, though, and I realize that it's just an icky day among mostly great ones! 

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