Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Boys...

Let's face it - the Doodlebug has dominated this blog since her debut into this world!  While my pups may appear to be neglected when looking at the lack of their presence on the blog, they are anything but neglected at home!  Sirius, my Buggy, still dominates my lap whenever we're on the couch while Sully nervously runs from the front window to the back porch (repeatedly) making sure all is safe in our little Gotham City!  Yes, Sully is the definition of a co-dependent and neurotic pup... but we love him all the same!

Today is one of the extremely rare days when I'm working from home (Yes, actual work is being done... while I'd rather be on the couch catching up with Grey's, I'm emailing colleagues and my grassroots network to remind them to vote!) and Joe has the day off (for Election Day!).  Dagny is hanging out at Marsha's since I have actual work to do and I wanted to make sure Joe actually got a break, so it's just me and the boys!

While rebooting my computer a bit ago, I grabbed my camera and tried out using the monochrome setting to capture our morning... Joe relaxing in the cave, Sully staring at me to make sure I'm okay, and Sirius wanting a toy that's behind a baby gate (but won't go near it because he's legitimately terrified of the gate)!  Sirius quickly gave up and is now laying in the sun, but I liked this particular shot of him!

 p.s. Happy Election Day! Make sure you get out and vote!!

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