Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Up on the Rooftop... i heart faces

This week's iheartfaces challenge is all about silhouettes!  I was really excited for this challenge as it's not something I have experience with and they gave a good tutorial about it.  Unfortunately, life got in the way this weekend and I didn't have much of a chance to play with it this weekend.  I had all but given up on the challenge when I spotted this photo in my files from the 4th of July.

Joe, Dagny, and I met up with Drew and Katie to watch fireworks on the 4th.  We were thinking of where to go to get the best view of the fireworks when we realized that the rooftop of Joe's office would be a perfect spot!  I was shocked when we found the door unlocked and excited to give Dagny such a great view for her 1st fireworks.

While waiting for the sun to go down and the fireworks to begin, I snapped a few photos of us waiting... and while this is not a photo that is technically fabulous, I love this photo of Drew looking at his iPhone.  There are other silhouettes that I caught, but this one is so totally "Richardson" to me... looking at an iPhone! ;)

The rest of the evening was such a blast!  Dagny loved the fireworks and we definitely had the best view out there!

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Kate said...

great story and great colours :)